Peace Pilgrimage 2024 - Retreat and Gathering Schedule

Hari Aum! Blessed Self!  It's now February 26 and I'm updating this blog to add an upcoming visit to Florida in early April. January was a quiet month. I've been listening, resting, living, and visualizing blessings for all. One of my favorite quotes is from Dickens' "A Christmas Story". Surely you have seen it, yes? Do you remember when Scrooge is with the Ghost of Christmas Present and they drop (fly) in on the Cratchit's Christmas celebration? And he sees Tiny Tim hobbling, setting his crutch against the wall, sitting stoicly at the Christmas table? And his prayer? "God bless us, every one."   Oh my goodness, that's it. This is the best place to live life, and the best way. To live wishing this blessing to each, to all, with no exclusion. And to genuinely strive, over and over again, to bring every breath, every thought, every longing and every action into alignment with this. Truly this does make life a blessing. I am so deeply looking f

Peace Pilgrimage 2023 - See link to 2024 post.

Hari Aum! Blessed Self!  It's now 2024, and there is a new blog that I've just posted with this year's schedule. Here's a good link to bookmark, this will show you all of my blogs, including the latest. Thank you, bless you. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings be Happy and Free.